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US urges Myanmar’s military to release detained leaders, threatens action

US urges Myanmar’s military to release detained leaders, threatens action

The US has urged Myanmar’s military to release detained officials and threatened action if corrective steps are not taken to restore democracy. ’The United States opposes any attempt to alter the outcome of recent elections or impede Myanmar’s democratic transition and will take action against those responsible if these steps are not reversed,’ White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

The USA should mind its own business. It is in no position to lecture any other nation or government.

riheg 3 months

The US urged that a million iraqis died and started mass migration through destroying Libya. They’re behind the Yemeni genocide along with the salafists. Only journalists care what the US urges.

Cas The Demon
Cas The Demon 3 months

It's hilarious how quick we are to respond to some tiny country most people haven't even heard of to solve their issues. But the thousands of problems a country like China causes we hardly bat an eye.

Aleks 3 months

I just watched a WH press briefing with Jen Psaki, what a breath of fresh air.. Finally somebody competent at the podium..instead of the three clowns from the previous administration

170K 3 months

The Americans are a joke why would she country take them seriously after the last 12 months if I was the military leader I'd just 😂

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 months

What happened to the 'prime directive' now, I wonder... It is not the place of the US government to interfere in the affairs of other countries style of government from within. Unless of course you're a bully like bye then.

Mike 3 months

Bidens war?

Aleks 3 months

Keep calm Trumpists nothing our of the ordinary on part of the president here

Sarah 3 months

Great, finally the US can be the world police again. Ffs, we’re off to a great start.

Aaron 3 months

The only people allowed to interfere with democracy are Americans! What a joke of a country.

Tim 3 months

Well, so much for the four year streak.

kris 3 months

Here we go again, US world police. Democrats in charge so its time to start some new wars.

Charlie 3 months

Do they have oil by any chance? After Biden shut down the pipe line on the northern border this is probably his only option.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

I call bluff. More talk then anything plus we need to stay out of this kind of stuff.

Martin 3 months

Sounds like we want to go and spread some democracy to a country that is not asking for any more democracy than they can handle...

Oren 3 months

The *Democrats* start wars?? It's there was ever a time that your hyperpartisanship makes you sound like utter fools! I mean. George W. Bush literally started the 2 biggest wars we're in currently. Or have you already retroactively pinned that on Obama in your revisionist history, like Katrina? If there's one thing in this country that's bipartisan, it's the military-industrial complex. Even St. Donald isn't exempt; sure he didn't technically start any wars, but not for lack of trying. He was goading Iran almost until his last day. He appointed Blackwater chief's sister to his cabinet, and made plenty of other decisions enriching them. Just because "private military contractors" sounds classier than "mercenaries" doesn't mean it's not still warmongering.

Leonard 3 months

Joe and the Hoe gonna draw a line in the Sand. Lol. Joe, they're laughing at you.

Arend 3 months

Honk honk

Leonard 3 months

Things liberals have ruined: They've ruined Youth Sports, the News Media, Football, our National Anthem, Universities, nearly all Holidays, the traditional family, California, elections in general, Scouting, and Controlled Immigration. They've ruined schools, social media, masculinity, and Hollywood. They've ruined 'winning', Judges and Courts, Christmas, big cities, and Police. Add to this list of things liberals have ruined: progress made in race relations, dining out in restaurants, women's soccer, health insurance, the Oscars, parades, and marriage. History, prayer, the concept of 'gender', Emergency Rooms flooded with no-pay illegals and hunting and trapping as well as Peaceful Protests, and Energy Independence.. I could go on and on. But, let's let our liberal nutjob friends list all the things Republicans have ruined. I can't think of a single one to start with. Waiting... waiting...

Cían 3 months

I’m more surprised she’s not looking to circle back to this

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