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Australian prime minister says Bing could replace Google

Australian prime minister says Bing could replace Google

Australian PM said Monday that Microsoft’s Bing can fill the gap in the case of Google pulling its search engine from the country over the govt. passing a law that would make tech giants pay for news content.’I can tell you, Microsoft’s pretty confident’ that Australians would not be worse off, Scott Morrison said. ’... what’s that we set the rules that are right for our people.’

Special Ed
Special Ed 3 months

You could use bing, or you could use something better like duckduckgo.

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 3 months

F ScoMo for wanting to increase online censorship. If you can't handle the odd insult you should get off the platform.

bobby_5150 3 months

Seeing how Google drives clicks to the news agencies, Google should start charging them for the advertising. This is in no way an endorsement of Google. Google should wither away and dīe, but Australia needs to pull its head out of its æšš.

James 3 months

I understand Scott Morrison could be replaced by a small soap dish and Australians would be no worse off too - so what's your point?

James Wall
James Wall 3 months

Bing is a joke. If MS had developed it to make it competitive, maybe it would be possible, but they didn't. They've let Bing rot for years, sure they maintain it, scrap a bit of mold of the top, but it can't replace Google on a large scale without massive architectural changes.

Test Steam
Test Steam 3 months

A couple years ago my kids had a school project. We had to search images of Justin Bieber. Using Google about the 7th image in the list ended up being a full nude frontal of a man. There were multiple inappropriate images in the list. I used duckduckgo and not a single inappropriateor irrelevant image. Yes, it's easy to bypass if that's your thing but the point is duckduckgo doesn't assume we are all, I dunno what the word would be...perverts? Same as YouTube. My kids don't browse YouTube direct they use it through duckduckgo. Heck the video search sometimes works better on ddg than YouTube itself.

getbothsidesofthestory 3 months

Scomos a legend, but bing? Nah mate duckduckgo

Marci 3 months

No Bing, Ecosia

Billy 3 months

God bless the Aussies. Bing is great and Google is over! Yay.

Mark 3 months

Try Duck Duck Go!.... oh dear, not Bing!

chris 3 months

Doesn't Bing run on Google?

Luddite 3 months

Google has gotten to big and feels like taking on governments. generally this means telling people try to take us on, we own you.

Luddite 3 months

all these children saying try duck duck go have not studied how it works they just read what the they want to believe how it works. duck duck go does not hide you like a real vpn and gives you worse searches than any search engine. just a little research is all that is needed to stop this duck duck go craze the kids are all into.

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