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White House not preoccupied with Trump, says press secretary

White House not preoccupied with Trump, says press secretary

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked at the briefing on Monday whether former President Trump’s ban from Twitter makes it easier for President Biden to negotiate a Covid-19 relief package with Congress. ’We don’t spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about president Trump here,’ Psaki said, adding, ’But I can’t say we miss him on Twitter.’

Tom A
Tom A
Robert_Clearwater 2 months

I remember this story very well as it unfolded. I remember the death count constantly being adjusted to include people that died well after the storm passed for stepping in puddles of electrified water, roofers falling off of structures, or elderly people with no access to medicine. The hurricane struck the island in 2017 and it wasn't until August next year that the "final" count was released to be roughly 3,000 people. I have been through many hurricanes in my life, there is no reason to add to the count well over a year later. The method for collecting a tally was little more than a guessing game, I also remember reading about the warehouse full of supplies that never reached the public. I also remember the mayor wearing shirts with words on them to take shots at Trump. So inflated death tolls for unrelated loss of life, warehouses full of supplies, and a politically active mayor more interested in selling shirts then helping her people. Yeah, you can shove it with this "Trump blocked muh funding" nonsense, I remember this whole story very well. Political grandstanding and Orange Man Bad at its finest.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

The PR hurricane was in 2017 and so far they have gotten $20 billion of the $60 billion that was allocated. Best guess is the rest of the money hasn't been sent due to possible corruption. But Dem's actually seem to prefer these kinds of griftable situations. Just look at where the money from the Clinton Foundation went in Haiti (spoiler, it didn't go to the Haitian people). So sure give them the rest of the money (we're printing it out of thin air these days), but make sure there is full accountability for where it goes. If Hunter takes a trip to PR, you can pretty much rest assured he's going to be getting a new "business" contract (because he is so smart and good at business).

Bernice 2 months

Huh what’s up with News Voice? Wasn’t the topic here on Biden releasing the relief package Trump didn’t release during the 2017 hurricane in Puerto Rico because of corruption in the province that was hit by the storm? Why is it now on the WH’s saying they arent preoccupied with Trump?

Mike 2 months

I seem to remember some of those PR politicians facing charges..

Katse Kubeb
Katse Kubeb 2 months

Check out Sydney Watson's take on the "circle back" phenomenon.

Iam 2 months

One day, this will all blow up in their faces. People see their lies, their corruption, and their double standards, and it will not last.

Britney Nicole
Britney Nicole 2 months

People legit died. You all are so callus. Sickening.

Rafael 2 months

Hey Robert you can say the same for every hurricane that occurred in the U.S Some people die of different causes but the deaths were a result of hurricanes.

Azshara 2 months

I'm surprised she didnt circle back to it

Salvador 2 months

Beautifully answered like a professional Press Secretary

Alex 2 months

He’s not in office or on the internet yet somehow people can’t stop talking about him.

MrLoseddos 2 months

I bet she circled back on it.

B 2 months

Corruption supports corruption. Surprised?

John 2 months

Plainly said and eloquently said

Miami's Last Capitalist
Miami's Last Capitalist 2 months

This is news?

Jon 2 months

None of these comments have anything to do with Jen responding to Trump's twitter ban...

Barry MC
Barry MC 2 months

She said the right thing and then threw in a little shot to make sure everyone knew she didn't mean it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rafael 2 months

Hey Robert clear water go fxxk yourself.

Rafael 2 months

Hey I'm corruption already blew up in republicans face. Lol

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

You can't miss what you've never read. Just saying

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