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GameStop saga makes Wall Street an issue for Biden

GameStop saga makes Wall Street an issue for Biden

The recent happenings around the trading in shares of GameStop, among other beaten-down companies has thrust Wall Street near the top of a list of issues that President Biden’s regulatory team needs to tackle. Biden’s financial regulators, especially at the SEC, will need to address questions about practices including short-selling and potential stock manipulation.

Montgomery 2 months

Let's face it. This is a battle between what the corporate media tells us and what is actually happening So some guys created a group that has the influence which was only previously used by wall street to influence markets. If this gets bigger it might destroy their monopoly In which case, worse situation, componies will be listed accurately with no chance of short companies trying to bankrupt them for gains Seems like a good end game

David 2 months

The more the government tries to control for “safety” the worse we are off. Why are they protecting the hedge funds? I honestly think it’s partially to do with the CCP that some are in bed with

Viviko 2 months

Hahahahaha! The moment we stop depending on these politicians and start taking things into our own hands is the moment the politicians go out giving us lip service. Learn the GME. We are done playing pawns to your string pulling.

chris 2 months

Off to rescue the rich, of course the market will self correct by itself.

Darknimbus3 2 months

Talk about propagandaaaaaa

ken taro
ken taro 2 months

bout time we deplatform hedge funds

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