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Hitmen hired by rape accused kill wrong women in Louisiana

Hitmen hired by rape accused kill wrong women in Louisiana

A man facing rape charges hired hitmen to kill his accuser, who happens to be his niece. However, they ended up killing the target’s sister and her neighbor. The two hitmen – Andrew Eskine, 25, and Dalvin Wilson, 22 – and the rape accused, Beaux Cormier, 35, of Kaplan have been arrested on murder charges. Talking on the accused, the DA said, ’The death penalty is definitely on the table.’

Jonny 4 weeks

Was the niece an adult or a minor? None of the articles say, nor do they give a name or age. Her mother was only 34 so I assume she'd be a minor? The articles say there were 5 in the house at the time of the shooting, but only describe what happened to 4: the mother, the neighbor, the mother's daughter and step daughter. Who was the 5th person? The shooter? These articles are way too vague.

Matt 4 weeks

Animals. I don't want to pay for their food. Either let them starve until expiring in a dark, silent room, or hang them.

PappaOwl 4 weeks

Nice spelling

Paul 4 weeks

Be nice people, If you wish to write a summary go for it.

Hayden 4 weeks

Based stroke contributer

Jessica Spaetzel
Jessica Spaetzel 4 weeks

This article summary is poorly written

Larry 4 weeks

So he literally wanted to kl the 🐈!

Sadie 4 weeks

It hurt my brain to read the title of this post.

scientist 4 weeks

"Who happens to be his niece," Riiiiggggghhhhhtttt. She was violated, then lost her sister and possibly a friend to this perverse trash... When is this ever going to stop? Unfortunately, not many are willing to change it.

Mutatis 4 weeks

Just one of those stories.

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