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’I’m a survivor of sexual assault,’ reveals AOC

’I’m a survivor of sexual assault,’ reveals AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed Monday that she is a survivor of sexual assault. AOC made the statement in contextualizing her trauma in the wake of the insurrection at the US Capitol last month. She added that those in Congress who are telling her ’to move on,’ were using ’the same tactics of abusers.’

Aleks 4 months

Unfortunately, the sad state of affair is that 14.8% of American women have experienced rape in their life. So the fact that AOC is a survivor of sexual assault shouldn't surprise anyone. Do you think this is horrific? Well sexual assault stats are now half of what they were in the 90s. I guess this means a cultural change could drive a further reduction. Ah yes 3% of men experience rape or attempted rape. Approx 15% of victims are children. It really requires systemic change to change this ugly picture.

Johnny 4 months

Anyone mocking someone for claiming they’ve been sexually assaulted needs to re-evaluate a whole lot of things. Weren’t you guys the first to say that Tara reade’s accusations shouldn’t be questioned? Coming from someone who voted Biden- I give her the benifit of the doubt. Seems like you’re making sexual assault allegations a partisan thing. Not cool, not okay. Take a long look in the mirror.

Dave 4 months

Well that sucks, if true, I hope the person responsible is in prison.

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