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Portugal witnesses surge in COVID-19 cases

Portugal witnesses surge in COVID-19 cases

The beds in intensive care units in Portugal are rapidly filling up as the country struggles to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 resulting in the highest death rate in Europe. The surge in cases has caused critically ill patients to be turned away from the hospital. Patients have been asked to try and treat themselves at home, particularly in Lisbon.

Karlo 2 months

Fearmongering headlines (especially the one). A virus will mutate and new variants will emerge any time there's "evolutionary space", i.e. the virus infects new hosts. It is good that variants are identified and the mutations' impact on the properties of the virus are studied. However, to be terrified of new variants is not called for. Evolution of the virus is likely to lead down a path that promotes reproduction: easier spread meaning increased infectivity and lesser impact on the hosts capability to move about.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

Guy on the left: "let's hurry up and get out of here I want to drink some beer!"

Silence Dogood
Silence Dogood 2 months

So the left gets 16 more years of house arrest, rights suppression, and panic?

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