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In Florida, FBI agent shot dead, others injured while serving warrant

In Florida, FBI agent shot dead, others injured while serving warrant

At least one FBI agent has been killed and several others injured while serving an arrest warrant over child porn at a home in Sunrise, Florida. Two of them sustained life-threatening wounds. Authorities said the suspected gunman has barricaded himself in the home. Media reports said several law enforcement agencies, including a SWAT team, have swarmed the neighborhood and gathered at the scene.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 3 months

I find it funny how the right wings always complain how it's the left that's got the bad bad criminals....rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt. It's pretty clear that the republicans love pedophilia hince why they have so much of it going on in their states

Father Fackrell
Father Fackrell 3 months

It’s a shame those poor officers got hurt, I hope those disgusting pedophiles get what they deserve, two pieces of lead straight to the brain. That’s honestly the only thing people who exploit children deserve

Nunya 3 months

If he'd just run for public office, he could diddle kids to his hearts content. Probably would have gotten an invite on the lolita express. Been protected by the FBI. The whole works. Don't diddle kids unless you're connected.

coughdrop1989 3 months

They shouldve just asked him politely to come get arrested. Surely criminals follow the law.

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