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Lindsey Graham threatens to call FBI to testify in Trump impeachment trial

Lindsey Graham threatens to call FBI to testify in Trump impeachment trial

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) threatened to call in the FBI to testify if Democrats bring even one witness in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump over the storming of the US Capitol. Speaking to Fox News, Graham also said the impeachment proceedings were unconstitutional and said he didn’t believe Trump’s remarks qualified as a violation of the incitement statute.

michael 4 months

Not even waiting to hear the reasoning before deciding his verdict. The articles were delivered during Trump's term, it is constitutional. There are more consequences to impeachment then just removal. And as graham said himself, impeachment is about cleaning the office. That being said, please absolutely involve the FBI in this trial, they've been hunting white supremacist police infiltrators since 2006 and it would be great to hear from them, especially since they recently re-elevated WS to their proper place on the terror watch lists.

Jon 4 months

Threaten to call in the FBI to discuss security issues at the Capital riots? Uhh....ok lol. Good, why wasn't this done already anyways considering it was a huge failure of security? How is that even renote threatening for one and two who would ever be threatened by a F ing moron bootlicker like Graham?

CJ 4 months

If his "remarks" don't fit under the incitement statute then literally nothing does and its a pointless statute. Our government is a joke.

Tyler 4 months

I am a life long Democrat, and I honestly think we should just leave it alone. Guilty or not, this is going to divide our country even more. If we really want Unity, we should just sweep it under the rug and focus on America.

Jarl 4 months

This may be my ignorance showing, but can you even impeach someone who is no longer president?

Soorena 4 months

Call his bluff and bring witnesses anyways. These Republicons need a reckoning and his threats are childish.

Shane 4 months

Read this summary of the 1799 impeachment and see the Senate's determination.,for%20conviction%20before%20the%20Senate. On January 14, 1799, Vice President Thomas Jefferson formally announced the dismissal of the case and brought the trial to an end. It remains unclear on what grounds the Senate based its conclusion as to lack of jurisdiction. Was it because a senator is not a civil officer and cannot be impeached? Or was it that Blount could not be impeached and tried because he had already been expelled? The Senate’s dismissal remains too ambiguous to decisively answer either question; nonetheless, the Senate’s action in the Blount case has been interpreted as precedent for determining that a senator cannot be impeached.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 months

He shouldn't wait. Bring on the FBI now. Not to mention that the root cause and already set standards should also be brought in work criminal hearings. The HOR had blood on their hands, and lots of it.

Salvador 4 months

Lmao who is still listening to this swine?

Igmu_TL 4 months

I wonder if he fears himself or others around him with impeachment to threaten to expand the duration of the trial intentionally.

Lloyd 4 months

How you know an impeachment trial is bullsh*t 101: when calling the FBI to testify is a threat to the "prosecution"

Lenwë 4 months

He is a privare citizen now

alejandro 4 months

why is that a threat ?

john 4 months

That’s because he has a fifth grade reading level.

Chris 4 months

Typical republicans, defending whoever is on their side if it helps them get re-elected, no matter how stupid they are

Will Miller
Will Miller 4 months

This dude is such a snake.

Alex 4 months

Lindsay is a stain to American democracy, somebody wipe this filth.

Rocket 4 months

Good to see Lindsay Graham put his foot down on this second impeachment SHAM put forth by CORRUPT DEMOCRAP (and a few RINO) COMMUNISTS! What these despicable Communists are doing is a complete waste of our Taxpayers' money and other resources. The ONLY reason these CORRUPT POLITICIANS are doing this is that they are freaked out about getting prosecuted under authority of the UCMJ when our National Security has been threatened due to TREASONOUS actors within our government colluding with Foreign Entities to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. Tick tock, tick tock... 😉

Rafael 4 months

Jarl yes you can impeach someone who is no longer in office. It's in the constitution. Republicans are always referring to the constitution when it benefits them, but they know nothing about the constitution.

Rafael 4 months

Hey Duncan you must've missed have of his speech. They keep playing it on CNN and msnbc.

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