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Amazon fined $61.7 million by FTC

Amazon fined $61.7 million by FTC

According to an announcement by the Federal Trade Commission, a fine of $61.7 million is set to be paid by Amazon in order to settle allegations that the company’s Flex delivery drivers were not properly paid tips by the company. A payment change, implemented back in late 2016 resulted in the fine. The new payment policy by Amazon was not disclosed properly to the Flex drivers by the company.

James 3 months

Pocket change for pos Bezos

dan 3 months

it's 1 thing to not tip but to steal tips is abhorrent

tim 3 months

Love when company’s are find for not paying there employees. But the money goes to the government

Drew 3 months

60 mill is nothing to them

Chance 3 months

Those are rookie numbers. We gotta pump those numbers up!

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