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Captain Moore, UK veteran who raised millions for NHS, dies of Covid-19

Captain Moore, UK veteran who raised millions for NHS, dies of Covid-19

Captain Sir Tom Moore, the British Army veteran who raised almost £33 million ($45 million) for the UK’s National Health Service during the coronavirus pandemic, has died of Covid-19 on Tuesday. He was 100. Moore was admitted in the Bedford Hospital Monday after requiring help with his breathing. He was being treated for pneumonia over the past few weeks and last week tested positive for Covid-19.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 weeks

He died of pneumonia, thats why we was admitted. That said, Rest In Peace Captain.

Jack 3 weeks

God these comments are so fucking smooth brained. Covid absolutely contributed to his death, it literally said he was battling it for a week and had trouble breathing. People dont die directly from covid in the same sense people don’t die directly from AIDs, both diseases create conditions that can rapidly deteriorate health that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Tamara L
Tamara L 3 weeks

Such a nice man❤️ Glad he shined once more before he passed❤️❤️

Mar10 3 weeks

RIP... his memory will last forever.

Barry 3 weeks

Rest in peace Sir Tom. You deserve it

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

R I P Capt.

Michael MB
Michael MB 3 weeks

So sad. RIP Sir Tom

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 3 weeks

I salute thee sir. Rest In Peace.

Clayton 3 weeks

Thank you for your service; RIP.

Haven Mallow
Haven Mallow 3 weeks

Rest in peace Tom, you were the best part of 2020

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