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Impeachment trial termed ’unconstitutional’ by Trump lawyers

Impeachment trial termed ’unconstitutional’ by Trump lawyers

Lawyers who are representing former President Donald Trump have slammed the impeachment trial and have argued it is unconstitutional to impeach a former president. They also argued that Mr. Trump’s speech did not directly lead to the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6. The defense brief has argued that Mr. Trump’s speech was protected under the First Amendment.

Qanonsense 3 weeks

He was impeached during his term before he left office. You can have the trial at any point after that. This is a BS talking point. Don't fall for this nonsense.

Björn Westman
Björn Westman 3 weeks

The Associated Press has published the total transcript of President Trumps speech at the Capitol... Try to find the egging on or the insigthment anywhere in the speech...

Event Horizon
Event Horizon 3 weeks

There is already precedent for impeachment after a governmental official leaves office. Believe this spans back to the 1870’s.

Jon 3 weeks

Does he have a lawyer yet? Lol I heard he's having trouble finding representation. Maybe he could try a publicly appointed attorney 🤣😭

Axel 3 weeks

What I think is that they’re afraid of Trump running again and might win. That sounds a whole lot like what Russia is doing to Alexi Navali. It’s very anti democracy

michael 3 weeks

Sorry, it's not. There is precedent.

Mike 3 weeks

'Peacefully and patriotically' much inciting

Tiggs 3 weeks

Lol, that "freedom of speach" line is just not going to cut it this time.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 weeks

Maybe they should actually read it?

Tyler 3 weeks

The 45th holds the record for the most impeachment’s in presidential history, BRAVO!!!

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