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As Democrats push for $1.9 trillion Covid aid, Biden says ’I’ve got your back’

As Democrats push for $1.9 trillion Covid aid, Biden says ’I’ve got your back’

President Joe Biden reassured Democrats as they pushed his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package in the Congress. Politico reported Biden as saying: ’I have your back and you’ll have mine.’ He also said a Republican proposal for $600 billion relief is ’not even in the cards.’ The report quoted Biden as saying: ’I’m not going to start my administration by breaking a promise to the American people.’

Vark 2 months

He has the back of 1% cronies who all want money. They could pass stimulation bills for individual, but they won't. We have to give millions to other countries too.

Jon12 2 months

If you can't remember is it actually breaking a promise... might of been thier plan to get dementia Joe elected

Hollowhammer 2 months

So our money is going to be toilet paper. Sorry next generation and the 50 after that. We got the printers going brrrrrrrrrrrr. You'll pay for it though without resentment right?

Hollowhammer 2 months

Get out your pen Joe who needs pesky congress.

Randall 2 months

So far, so good, Joe. 100%!

bobby_5150 2 months

Joe, my grandkids thank you for destroying their future.

Luddite 2 months

wont someone please think of the children?!

Aaron 2 months

Biden and his goons. LOL plugsy

TomandDaydie 2 months

Biden is not going to start his administration by breaking promises. LOLOLOLOLOL He promised Georgia $2000 to vote democrat senators. Then it's $1400. Now it's a $1000 He promised we will open the border NOW IS NOT THE TIME. He promised to unify. We see how that's going. I'm sure you could add more broken promises

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

Leave my back alone pervert!!!

E 2 months

Didn't he already break his promise by ending fracking? Or am I wrong?

Jon12 2 months

My 4 sons thank Joe for their easy sports scholarships. Unfortunately my daughter now needs a new plan since her scholarship will go to a guy... ways to go joe

Glen 2 months

Why is it, I can't seem to get the knife out of my back?

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