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Fauci warns Americans against gathering for Super Bowl parties

Fauci warns Americans against gathering for Super Bowl parties

Dr Anthony Fauci warned Americans that the time isn’t right yet to gather for parties during the Super Bowl. Replying to a question by Today’s Savannah Guthrie on how one should enjoy the Super Bowl amid the pandemic, Fauci said, ’Watch it on TV, but do it with the immediate members of your family ... As much fun as it is to get together on a big Super Bowl party, now isn’t the time to do that.’

Rocky 4 weeks

Can he just go away already. We have seen how unbelievably useless your recommendations are. You have been wrong about nearly every measure we take to combat covid aside from hand hygiene. GTFof here with your bs already.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

This is the USA and we are having a HUGE party just like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve we had a massive party and guess what NO ONE got covid. Even if we did there is a 99.95% survival rate

Glen 4 weeks

Lets go over what Fauci has said: stay home, do not have friends over, wear mask, keep your distance, stop going to restaurants, stop going to church, stop going to school, no more inside or outside entertainment (sports ,movies,concerts) to name a few . Another words kiss all your freedoms goodbye.

Lloyd 4 weeks

Wake up people. They will NEVER say the time is right, until their positions are threatened. CA opened right back up once it looked like they were going to achieve a recall. The Covid numbers are WORSE than when they started their lockdowns. This whole thing is garbage, you are being manipulated so that you can be controlled. The curtain has been pulled aside, and the impotent "elites" are scattering like cockroaches.

dan 4 weeks

everyone come over to my super bowl protest we'll be protesting the super bowl by watching it everyone is invited that didn't vote for biden if you did then this is what you wanted, so just sit there

AnCap - Taxation is theft
AnCap - Taxation is theft 4 weeks

F4uci can su(k my 7aint on this one. He’s a god damñ bueracrat and shouldn’t be allowed to voice his opinion on this matter.

Rocket 4 weeks

FRODO FAUCI IS NOTHING BUT A LYING PIECE OF 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩! FAUCI needs to shove more masks up his rear end!!!

Timothy 4 weeks

I'm enjoying the fact that all these people in positions to make these decisions, government officials, governors, superintendents and all, are all for cancellation of parties, get togethers, parades, basically anything fun but yet work, schools and other non-fun items are forced upon people.

IvoryDove 4 weeks

Ironically, deaths that are occurring after taking the vaccine are being blamed on "co-morbidities" while deaths that occur after getting COVID-19 are blamed on COVID regardless of the co-morbidities. It's like they want to make COVID more deadly and the vaccine less deadly

David 4 weeks

Just pack in at Walmart. They'll be open. Get some chairs and camp out in the TV department. No large gatherings - unless it's shopping. Shopping in packed stores are just fine. Walmart lead up to Thanksgiving and Christmas were a madhouse and no one batted an eye about it.

Duane 4 weeks

Whenever a "Scientist" start warning you to use "Common Sense" and recommends a course of action even though the data is not in, I start to think maybe I don't need an Expert. But I am not sure we can call Dr. Kevor... aaahhh Fauci a "Scientist", unless we include "Political". Taking this to the scientific conclusion, those infected should wrap their heads in saran wrap to insure the general population is truly as safe as possible.

TomandDaydie 4 weeks

NOW IS NOT THE TIME. same exact phrase used by Biden. This is the new administration's answer. Immigrants NOW IS NOT THE TIME. pandemic is going to be here for a long time so any freedom or liberty you want NOW IS NOT THE TIME.

JoDee 4 weeks

I think he needs a few more masks so we can't hear anything he says!

Hollowhammer 4 weeks

Fauci can go felate himself.

Joshua 4 weeks

Can we have a party if we wear two masks though?

Darknimbus3 4 weeks

Oh, get outta here, Farci

Matt 4 weeks

He never knows what he's talking about I'll continue ignoring him

Jon12 4 weeks

People havent takin that advise in a year why would they now

Cory 4 weeks

I hate football, but I hate this guy so much I'ma throw a massive Superbowl party just to spite him and Charlie baker

J 4 weeks

They milked 9/11 for almost 20 yrs, I bet the go for a new record with Rona.

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