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Democrats urged to ’stick together’ in COVID-19 relief push by Biden

Democrats urged to ’stick together’ in COVID-19 relief push by Biden

House Democrats were reportedly told by President Joe Biden that he is open to narrowing the distribution of $1,400 stimulus checks in his Covid-19 relief proposal to focus on poor and middle-class people. The President also warned the Democrats about the dangers of engaging in intraparty battles, contending their strength is in their unity with narrow majorities in both the House and the Senate.

Tom A
Tom A
Cheryl 4 months

Aaah the truth comes out on that unity spin. It's about the left being united against the right. Thanks for clarifying that Joe. When will congress realize THIS is what is broken?

Jon 4 months

The right wing already weaponizing the unity talk. 🤦‍♂️ Who would have guessed 🤔🤣 Just because Biden do'sn't cave in to Republicans trying to stiff Americans of relief do'sn't mean he d'dn't try to talk to them. Basically you 'an't negotiate with terrorists and t'at's exactly what the right wing has become in this country.

Randall 4 months

So far, so good, Joe. But I'm still keeping my eye on you.

Darin 4 months

Haha! The unrelated Bloomberg article! Mike - Democrats don't want to hear that tough reality stuff!

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