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House moves towards removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees

House moves towards removing Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees

House Democrats took a step towards removing Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) from committees for her past comments and social media posts endorsing violence against Democrats and propagating conspiracy theories that mass school shootings were staged. However, Republicans are opposed to remove her despite not defending Green’s comments. They said those were made when she wasn’t a lawmaker.

Mandraquex3000 3 months

Let's go ahead and remove any dem who had made similar statements... while in office... there have been plenty

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

She was democratically elected by the people. It doesn't matter what career establishment politicians think about it.

Chris 3 months

The Repubs will probably disown her as much as they can while not looking to divide their base. I know McConnell sees her as destructive in the party, so it'll be interesting to see if Repubs do anything about her for re-election

Jeremiah 3 months

This is a good step to take. She can’t actually be expelled unless she starts making comments regarding things like space lasers and school shootings as false flags on the record in the house. I don’t expect that to take very long.

michael 3 months

How often do republicans try to bring their opponents former lives into focus?

Doug Star
Doug Star 3 months

Color KKKray KKKray gone. Good riddance!

Luddite 3 months

i love democrats pushing to see how far till civil war actually takes place

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 months

So what sentence does a thought-crime carry these days?

Luddite 3 months

lets also remove the democrats who associated with chinese spies

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