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Lokman Slim, prominent Hezbollah critic, found dead in Lebanon

Lokman Slim, prominent Hezbollah critic, found dead in Lebanon

Hours after going missing as he drove to Beirut, Lokman Slim, a strident critic of Hezbollah and a prominent Lebanese writer as well, was found dead in his car in southern Lebanon. The 59 year old was reportedly shot dead. Anger has been stirred against the political class as another critical voice in Lebanon has been killed. Rasha Slim, Lokan’s sister said that he was humble and loved by people.

Dawlben 2 months

Remember Hezbollah helps Hamas. And they both hate all Jewish people.

Montgomery 2 months

The religion if peace strikes again. It's basically convert or die ... But that's only in a country where they are the majority. In other countries their religious freedoms must be respected (this is demanded by the same countries who will kill you for demanding any freedoms in their territories). Think someone should put a picture of Mohammed in the dictionary under the word hipocracy

bobby_5150 2 months

Dåmñ you, Israel!

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