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Country star apologizes for racial slur; suspended by label

Country star apologizes for racial slur; suspended by label

Country singer Morgan Wallen has apologized after a video surfaced in which he reportedly used a racial slur and profanities. ’I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back,’ Wallen said. Big Loud Records said that Wallen’s contract has been suspended indefinitely. Multiple radio stations and streaming services pulled down his music.

noonespecific 4 weeks

Does his record label also distribute rap music that uses the completely acceptable word for one group but forbidden to other groups? If yes then he should sue the record label for discrimination.

Matt 4 weeks

An evolved ape made a noise. Some people might be offended. Better ruin the ape. Our skin is so thin you can see right to our rotten guts. Didn't like what he said? Wont accept his apology and self-correction? Don't buy his work. Cancel culture replace the boycott, and so the few can control the many. This is what the rest of us mean when we say the fascists are the ones calling others fascists. Grow up, America.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks

What exactly did he say though? Context matters. If he said "Man I think we elimnate all the _______" or if he just said "man eff you ________" to his friends. Big diff. I honestly don't care for the word but canceling someone over its use is pretty dumb. Pearl clutching is all it is. Listen to 50s and 60s country anyway. This new stuff is like pop music anyway.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 4 weeks

We can't discuss the use of the 'N' word amongst the racially biased group of those who use it. But if a non 'clique' stereotype does the same thing, it's a criminal offense.

Chris 4 weeks

To the tiptoers who don't seem to understand why it's okay for black people to say the N word, and not white people, there's history behind the context of a white person saying the N word to a black person, while the opposite isn't true. Imagine being called a nerd for your interests, then at some point you call yourself a nerd as a way of taking the power out of it and making it casual. It's similar in that you wouldn't want to be called a nerd by others maliciously, but it's okay if you call yourself that.

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 4 weeks

I want to know if used a hard R.

Andrew 4 weeks

Yet, PM BlackFace still has his job and is put on a golden pedestal by his leftist followers..

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

But yet these things can say cracker and nothing happens. The 1st amendment is freedom of speech most times the words are used correctly in the context.

Duncan 4 weeks

He shouldve used an 'a' at the end instead of the hard 'r' because apparently it makes it okay.

Brian 4 weeks

It a word it was not said in a public performance or on a record , you need to get a bridge and get over it ffs, more important things is this world then that

Jos 4 weeks

I have said it before, put your brains into gear before your mouth, it prevents a lot of unpleasant, yet enticed, reactions. One than will wish that they would be able to turn back the clock, however the damage is done, particularly that the insensitive often is an expression of the person's true inner feelings!!

MrLoseddos 4 weeks

Well. Context matters. Seems it wasn't said to denigrate poc, but in jest to his drunk friend. Totally harmless imho.

Seekster 4 weeks

Only black people can use the N word. That makes sense because society is becoming more racist and so treating people differently because of the color of their skin is acceptable again.

GreenMachine 4 weeks

Well that's a shame. He just put out a really solid double album. Sounded like he put a lot of work and heart into it. Nope, one bad work and it's undone. Talk about "If I could only kill a word".

Bill 4 weeks

This action was entirely appropriate. Those in the public eye should always strive to be civil. Camera phones are the great equalizer.

Luddite 4 weeks

laughable, runes are considered taboo on NewsVoice. "but yo i be able to talk ebonics yo know what i says"

Dashaun 4 weeks

Everyone had their own racial slurs however everyone wants to use the one that’s directed towards Black People. I’m specifically talking about EVERYONE that is NOT Black, themselves.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 4 weeks

If you are lucky enough to be given an opportunity to make millions and have a voice, you better be aware of the consequences of violating that privilege. Morgan was not. He got exactly what he deserves. And to all you racists trying your hardest to defend his actions on here - YOU ARE A MINORITY AND WE WILL DROWN YOU OUT

Maria 4 weeks

The time has come to stop wearing your feelings on your shoulder, put on your big boy shorts and quit taking offense at everything. Ban politically correct anything!!! It is state approved speech being pushed by the socialists.

Quinten stroud
Quinten stroud 4 weeks

Oh thank god, if he didn't say sorry I couldn't live with myself.

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