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French orgy broken up for violating COVID-19 curfew

French orgy broken up for violating COVID-19 curfew

An orgy at a French warehouse was broken up by police last Friday for violating a COVID-19 curfew. ’The event was in breach of the curfew, and there were also problems with masks and social distancing,’ an investigator said. 81 people were fined for breaking curfew. Three people suspected of organizing it were questioned by cops.

Patty 4 weeks

Too funny! How the hell were they going to social distance,

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 4 weeks

Most countries have a 5 person maximum for private gatherings right now, so limit your orgies to foursomes.

Doug Star
Doug Star 4 weeks

What about an orgy only if you've been vaccinated, and a month has passed since you had both shots?

B 4 weeks

I heard they had trouble breaking this up. No one would leave when the police kept yelling "come on!"

WarsmithBob 4 weeks

"French orgy": Ooh-la-la "In a warehouse ": In February? Everyone there could probably cut a diamond in half with their chests.

Tiggs 4 weeks

81 ?! This is too funny! 🤣

Barry 4 weeks

Please practice safe sex people!

ShadowDreik 4 weeks

Spreading STDs ok but COVID, not on their watch. 😄

T3hGladiator 4 weeks

81 people? Impressive. If not kinda gross.

ConcealCarryProtect 4 weeks

Reality stranger than fiction.

OmegaDMM 4 weeks


MrWizard 4 weeks

If I were the police I would have joined lol.

Matt 4 weeks

You gotta come early and cum early, or it's going to be nothing but sloppy 70ths.

Luddite 4 weeks

now theres a bunchof people who are inoculated as nature intended

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