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Denmark to build wind energy island in North Sea

Denmark to build wind energy island in North Sea

Denmark’s lawmakers have greenlighted a project to build an artificial island in the North Sea that will serve as a wind power hub. The initial plan is to create an island 120,000 square meters in size with scope to later widen it three times. The island, the first of its kind, will host 200 giant offshore wind turbines. It is expected to generate enough energy for three million households.

Angel 3 months

And somehow, some people will still find a way to criticize this, even though it’s beneficial for the environment and it creates new jobs

WarsmithBob 3 months

Well, hopefully the Danes are better at making artificial islands than the Chinese. Most of their artificial islands are sinking into the ocean.

Raspberries 3 months

I have read that at least one large windmill manufacturer is also looking at cracking hydrogen from seawater at sites like this. These little islands could generate vast amounts of portable energy with a low carbon footprint.

Tyler 3 months

That will create a lot of jobs and inventive technology, love it. Can’t wait to see the end results!

ken taro
ken taro 3 months

awesome! eager to see the results, could turn out to be a revelatory experiment.

Hayden 3 months

Great intent, as for results, we'll see

bogdan 3 months

What about the coal?

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 3 months

I'd prefer this over carbon taxes.

bobby_5150 3 months

But will they use it to expand their territorial waters?

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 3 months

3 million, huh? When? At max possible?

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