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McKinsey to pay $573M for role in opioid crisis

McKinsey to pay $573M for role in opioid crisis

Business consulting firm McKinsey & Co. has agreed to a $573M settlement over its role in advising companies on how to ’supercharge’ opioid sales amid an overdose crisis. The money would be used to abate the national overdose crisis. This comes ahead of a planned announcements for Thursday morning regarding the opioid crisis by attorneys general in at least North Carolina and West Virginia.

Trevor 3 months

Pay a fine, walk away with billions in profits, no one jailed. Money talks, perfect example here.

Justin 3 months

This is total cancel culture. They didn’t force these people to take their pills. Where does personal accountability come in?

ToBeOrNotToBe 3 months

Ah yes abysmal fines and 20-20, hindsight, vision of authorities after pharmaceuticals banking billions. So genuine.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 months

They should be shut down and jailed like everyone else involved but as long as sheeple keep feeding the "two party" system there will be no justice for what the "elite" do to us.

joe 3 months

Wonderful slap on the wrist for all involved

Erich 3 months

Besides lawyers, who will actually receive any $$?

ken taro
ken taro 3 months

how much did they make bc of it, tho

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