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Trump impeachment trial is test of ’courage or cowardice’ in Senate, Pelosi says

Trump impeachment trial is test of ’courage or cowardice’ in Senate, Pelosi says

Speaker Nancy Pelosi upped the ante on Republicans in the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump. She said, ’We’ll see if it’s going to be a Senate of courage or cowardice.’ She also confronted the suggestion that the trial will fail as there aren’t enough Republicans willing to convict Trump over the Capitol riot. She said, ’Why bother? … We can’t go forward unless we have justice.’

Glen 4 months

Pelosi keeps dividing our country, she has sturded up more hatred in the last four years, then Trump could have ever done. There is 75 million people who despise her.

O.T.Q.D 4 months

It is a test of cowardice, whether they are willing to stand up for due process and justice or bend over for the elite, the career politicians, and the hate filled mob.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 4 months

It's a display of her rabid, chronic TDS!

Viviko 4 months

Pelosi needs to retire. She’s probably has Dimwnsia and can’t think straight.

truth seeker
truth seeker 4 months

Nancy needs to go. She should of retired years ago. She is one of the problems in this country

Foy 4 months

Test of stupidity more like.

Rocket 4 months

PILFERING PELOSI has ENRICHED herself on BRIBES, INSIDER TRADING SCHEMES and KICK-BACKS for selling out OUR COUNTRY'S interests to Foreign Entities! She's nothing more than a SELF-SERVING CORRUPT SCUMBAG 🤡💩💩💩

David 4 months

I keep hearing and seeing unity..

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