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Two Google employees resign over firing of AI researcher Timnit Gebru

Two Google employees resign over firing of AI researcher Timnit Gebru

Two Google engineers have quit the company over last year’s firing of Timnit Gebru – a prominent black artificial intelligence researcher. The two are David W Baker, who was director of engineering working on trust and safety, and Vinesh Kannan, a software engineer. This comes amid an ongoing fight between the tech giant and workers, who accuse the company of lacking diversity among other things.

bobby_5150 2 weeks

She wasn't fired. She made demands, saying that she would quit if her demands were not met. They were not met. He bosses said have a great life and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Mutatis 2 weeks

Google should be pleased. The troublesome employees are now purging themselves from the company. Unfortunately, I believe most will stay, if the new union nonsense is any indicator.

DanCakes 2 weeks

Im pretty sure a company like google, who currently has a person of color as the CEO, doesn't discriminate. They hire based on talent and qualifications. This ex employee is simply anti white.

Martin 2 weeks

''Black''?? Are people blind or something? I've seen Hispanics with darker skin tone than her. I guess their anti white rhetoric means anyone with a tint of brown is ''black'', ''oppressed'', ''minority''.

Rocket 2 weeks

Who cares?!! Google's entire company has been taken over by a CESSPOOL💩💩💩 of Pathet"c "W"ke" CLOWNS!

Lloyd 2 weeks

Quitting your job over the skin color of your fellow employees is stupid AND racist

IvoryDove 2 weeks

Diversity in race or ethnicity is strength according to the left, but diversity of thought is destructive.

Montgomery 2 weeks

30% of Google employees are asian. I'm guessing diversity implies black in this instance?

IIzard 2 weeks

The company has too much communism to worry about increasing diversity

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

Sounds like some job openings. Diversity is code word for anti white.

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