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YouTube removes doctor’s Senate testimony on Covid-19 drug

YouTube removes doctor’s Senate testimony on Covid-19 drug

YouTube removed the video of Dr Pierre Kory testifying before the US Senate about a widely available drug that early studies show may help treatment and prevention of Covid-19, as the video did not fall in line with You Tube’s disinformation model. This has triggered an outcry with Senator Ron Johnson calling it ’dangerous.’ He said, ’They have decided there is only one medical viewpoint allowed.’

America 4 weeks

Medical professionals have been speaking out against it. Health care has no political party only a moral duty.

KeybladeMasterAndy 4 weeks

If you can't provide a decent argument, you silence the other person. Almost nobody is certain about what the best solution is, but even Youtube is being rather presumptive about it.

John W
John W 4 weeks

The base of this, is big pharma profits. No generic drug can ever be talked about as being effective. Regardless of studies or proof. It's that simple. Meanwhile unless expensive drugs are purchased in billions of dollars worth. Nobody says anything about that.

Madam I'm Adam
Madam I'm Adam 4 weeks

Strange. In a sane world, someone looking for medical information and expecting YouTube to be an authoritative source would surely have their intelligence called into question. But in this world, YouTube has named itself the arbiter of truth, and we should all be on our knees, thanking the all-knowing YouTube gods for protecting us from unacceptable information and opinions. Truly, this is the best time-line.

Tiggs 4 weeks

Amazing to me how many people believe YouTube to be a source of news and information, above all of the sources and means that we have gained our knowledge before in the past. A sad and depressing phenomenon for a person who has always placed knowledge on a pedastle.

MIDESSA 4 weeks

Hey how about everyone just stop watching YouTube then it won't matter what they ban. I know get Donnie to startup MAGAtube so the tin hats can rant.

Montgomery 4 weeks

Who would have guessed that big farma has investments in big tech and media... Or that the same investors have big shares in both and are using lateral integration... But stating that the billionaires have now taken full control of the country and is not even trying to hide it would be crazy, or at the very least gets you labelled as a trumpard nazi, basically worse than Hitler

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 4 weeks

More proof leftist are pure evil. 1984 is here.

PappaOwl 4 weeks

Ok but what is this guys angle in this? He claims that big pharma has economic incentives, but I get a sense that this guy also has skin in the game.

Alex 4 weeks

Kurt 4 weeks

Big tech knows best.

Pj 4 weeks

We live in the new dark ages. And our government is giving pitch forks to the left

White mana matters
White mana matters 4 weeks

Welcome to 2 months ago...

Jontee 4 weeks

It's kinda sad to see YouTube censor so much information and promote false information.

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