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Guyana cancels Taiwan trade office, Taipei blames ’bully’ China

Guyana cancels Taiwan trade office, Taipei blames ’bully’ China

Guyana has called off its decision to allow Taiwan to establish a trade office, which would have served as a de facto embassy in the country, after China said it was a ’mistake.’ Taiwan, which had already begun operations at the office, blamed China’s ’bullying’ for Guyana’s U-turn. Condemning Beijing, Taipei said China was compressing its international space and participation in global affairs.

Azshara 2 months

The Republic of China was exiled to Taiwan after the CCP waged a brutal and ruthless war against them. ROC if the proper China and the CCP is the invader. They proved this by invading Tibet, annexing Shanxi, invading lower Mongolia, annexing numerous other sovereign states after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty. The CCP is the enemy of all people foreign and domestic, anyone who supports them or allows them to continue their history of bloody occupation is not only as bad, but worse than them.

Glen 2 months

Taiwan is history with Joe Biden in office. He has no clue how to deal with China. He's no Donald Trump.

Chance 2 months

Wow, didn't take long for the Chinese to scare the s*** out of Guyana. What does Taiwan know that releases them from that same fear?

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 months

Taiwan #1 China

Jack 2 months

A move in the right direction

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