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Orthodox Church faces backlash after baby dies following baptism

Orthodox Church faces backlash after baby dies following baptism

Thousands have signed an online petition for the Orthodox Church in Romania to stop immersing babies underwater during baptisms. This comes after a six-week-old went into a cardiac arrest Monday after having his head placed underwater three times during the baptism in Suceava, and died hours later. A manslaughter investigation has been opened into the priest.

Brianna 3 months

I live in Romania, and yes it is outrageous. This is not the first case, and it’s high time religion evolves in it’s dangerous rituals. Sinking a baby 3 times in a row underwater is one of them !

Mawhrin 3 months

It's unbelievable that they are still trying to uphold these nonsensical religious practices in this day and age.

Tetelestai 3 months

I am a Christian, the whole idea of infant baptism is ridiculous. baptism is an outward demonstration of the change in your spirit from death to life. it symbolizes being "born again" as Christ himself talked about.

shawn 3 months

Nowhere in the Bible does it say anything about needing to baptize babies. I think it’s wrong to think one would be going to hell if it dies before it’s baptized. What a merciless and cruel God that would be. This is ridiculous, and I’m glad there’s outrage!

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