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Myanmar military continues arrests following coup

Myanmar military continues arrests following coup

A senior member of Myanmar’s deposed ruling party has become the latest prominent politician arrested. Win Htein, 79, is a longtime confidante of Aung San Suu Kyi, was arrested soon after he called for a civil disobedience in opposition to Monday’s coup. At least 133 officials or lawmakers and 14 civil society activists have been detained by the military in connection with its takeover.

Tom A
Tom A
Rocket 2 months

Good! Arrest ALL of those LYING, CHEATING, SCUMBAGS! The same "movie" will be coming soon to the USA when dealing with ALL of the CORRUPT, COMMUNIST POLITICIANS that AIDED & ABETTED WIDESPREAD ELECTION FRAUD during our last election. The UCMJ overrides the Supreme Court I bathe case of a National Emergency because of Foreign Election Tampering! No amount of money will save the SCUMBAG TRAITORS that sold out our country to line their pockets! You hear that BEIJING BIDEN?!!! It's just a matter of time... Tick tock, tick tock... 😉

Brutus 2 months

Glad I stockpiled popcorn!

Indo 2 months

And creeps like them never fail to create some mess somewhere. So what do you do now, hope for an amicable settlement !?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

The USA needs a General Augusto Pinochet to emerge to restore the Constitution. "Start up the Rotors"

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