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Bill introduced to amend section 230 protections

Bill introduced to amend section 230 protections

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia has presented legislation that would make changes to Section 230, which shields social media companies from liability for content published by users of their platforms. Changes to section 230 could open social media conglomerates up to more scrutiny and lawsuits if the new bill passes. The bill is labeled as the Safe Tech Act.

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson
Garthak 1 months

I want section 230 reform, but it sounds like they're going the wrong way with it. For what is sounds like they want, all they'd have to do is repeal it. Need more freedoms on the internet, not less.

IvoryDove 1 months

There's a bigger problem than bias in the social networks. Watch the movie "The Social Dilemma". The AI algorithms that drive revenue for social media are susceptible to manipulation. Fake news can be amplified, truth can be suppressed and people can be manipulated into actions they didn't intend and are unaware they were manipulated. The result is a huge increase in self-harm and suicide, especially among those who have used social media since their early teens and preteens.

Aleks 1 months

Hej can somebody explain me the “right” political view point cause other than ha.te everybody that is not like me, I do not see any

Pete 1 months

History has proven the Government is not very good at fixing anything.

Jon 1 months

OK. I'm listening. Show me how Democrats fix this mess.

wilhemena 1 months

i relish using social media... to FB and others, i am an 86-yr-old hanicapped Afghan paraplegic living in SW DC who uses Adblock - no ad revenue, no troll clicks, no real info!

Indo 1 months

While u are at it, do look at all the other stuff that need the same attention. Don't keep sliding them out of sight. Best time is now

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