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Amazon warehouse worker union vote will go forward in Alabama

Amazon warehouse worker union vote will go forward in Alabama

The NLRB denies Amazon’s requests to stay the election and to appeal a decision that OK’d a by-mail vote. Attorneys for Amazon argued that a mail-in election would take too long and involve too many resources. Amazon proposed in January that the election take place in person. The Alabama location is one of Amazon’s largest warehouses. It would be the first unionization of an Amazon warehouse.

Liz 2 months

Good, these companies need to be kept in check. If they are as wonderful as there commercials say they are, they shouldn't have any thing to worry about. Hope Walmart employees are next.

GB Oz 2 months

It's never ideal for both employees and employers, but shows how unhappy everyone seems to be to need a union. Should never have come to this.

Jellybean 2 months

Unions are great for collective bargaining, they should be much easier to form. And when they achieve the results that werethe original platform they should be immediately abolished so they don't live on forevermore corrupting everything they touch. 4 to 5 year lifespan is ideal for a union. If things go bad after a union disbands, just form a new union.

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 2 months


Nunya 2 months

I have no one to root for in this story. I don't like unions or Amazon. In other news Iowa completely ended all mandates ! Awesome! Congratulations Iowans. Rationality exists in your state. Enjoy your freedom. Don't ever let them take it again

IvoryDove 2 months

Biden paying back the unions.

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