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Biden stresses importance of $1.9 trillion relief package

Biden stresses importance of $1.9 trillion relief package

President Joe Biden weighed in on the jobs report of January, during a meeting with House Democratic leadership in the Oval Office on Friday, as he stressed on the importance of his $1.9 trillion relief package. ’Only 6,000 private sector jobs will be created and at that rate, it’s going to take 10 years before we get to full employment,’ Biden warned.

Tom A
Tom A
coughdrop1989 2 months

With all this reckless spending who exactly gets to pays these trillions and trillions of dollars back? Oh thats right we the people do. Big businesses are getting more in these packages then the common folk. While mom and pop stores close at alarming rates. We are literally witnessing the death of small business owners and the new beginnging of only big tech who have the politicians in their wallet.

MyVoice 2 months

Make the wealthy pay 50% tax rates and the country will be a lot better off

Glen 2 months

Who's going to pay down the road for all these freebies. Taxpayers are going to have one hell of a awakening.

Matthew J
Matthew J 2 months

The plan to destroy the US is alive and well. Bejing Biden all set to cancel all non progressives with more executive orders guided by his good catholic principles straight out of the book of palms. Then with the principled gentle heart of Harris rest assured the American people can be assured iradication of those backward constituencies will be so unapologetically eroded. God bless America!

MIDESSA 2 months

How much did Bush jr give the banks so they could give their exec's bonuses? Oh yeah & who paid for THAT?

Hollowhammer 2 months

Yes we must keep our money printers going brrrrrrrrrr day and night. I mean who doesn't want a collapse of their currency and all the death and famine that goes with it. Great reset incoming. You'll own nothing and be happy.

Matt 2 months

Maybe if governors hadn't shut down the businesses

mike 2 months

So where is the rest of the money going??? Only 435b dollars for chinavirus relief is needed

Highlander 2 months

The Dems are literally making the dollar worthless leading to massive inflation. I bet the dem voters are really happy they voted for Biden now. A couple of weeks into his presidency and he has already become the worst president in American history. His massive role out of executive orders also makes him the least democratic president in history. America will not survive thr next 4 years. America is fucked.

Jon 2 months

Fake austerity outrage will be rampant over the next two years, from the party that gave a 1 trillion dollar tax cut to the top 1% who just put their money on shorting businesses, causing them to be devalued or buying up more stock options, or raises for their CEOs without actually injecting any of that money back into the economy at local businesses like direct checks to Americans would.

Jon 2 months

If Republicans were ACTUALLY concerned about who gets the relief checks they would just recommend taxing back that money that goes to people who don't really need it on the back end in next year's filings. But this shows you that Republicans don't care, they just hate America and will fight hand over fist to keep Americans hostage to the elites and their employers because that's where all the power for these people actually comes from, keeping people in debt and struggling to never have the power to change anything and keep the status quo. You saw it with the gamestop debacle.

Ethan 2 months

Wonder how much of it they’ll devote to foreign aid instead of the American people

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