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SF teacher writes op-ed about Bernie Sander’s mittens and white privilege

SF teacher writes op-ed about Bernie Sander’s mittens and white privilege

Ingrid Seyer-Ochi, a former UC Berkeley professor, wrote an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, and claimed that Sen. Bernie Sanders ’manifests privilege’ for wearing his meme-evoking inauguration outfit. Sander’s choice of recycled wool mittens was integrated into Seyer-Ochi’s class discussion on US diversity and discrimination. He was talked about since he became an instant internet sensation.

Tom A
Tom A
ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

White people: *Exist* Gender studies major: "Wow your gloves are white privilege"

ConcealCarryProtect 4 months

The senator, she said, “manifests privilege, white privilege, male privilege and class privilege, in ways that my students could see and feel.” Seyer-Ochi said in the op-ed that many people without privilege would not be able to dress like Sanders did on such an occasion. Why are warm clothes a micro-aggresion? Grow up and teach your students math instead of how to be a failure like you.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 4 months

Her article was possibly the best example of anti-snobbish snobbery I think I’ve ever read! Crucify him for not over dressing while crucifying him for under dressing. It’s the perfect trap, eat your own! I really feel for your students and if I were a parent I’d get my kid straight T F outta’ your class as fast as it could happen. Edit: additional

Hypnotica 4 months

Now Bernie, I fully expect you to come out agree that those mittens you wore were a form of privilege and apologize to the woke mob. Thats what a good little leftist lap dog does.

David 4 months

Yes, cause more resistance. Bernie who actually wants to help minorities is on your side just so you know. Smh this is why people don't take white privilege seriously. And yes I do think I have privilege because I am white, but you are making things WAY harder than they need to be.

Jacob 4 months

He was showing his privileged because he had a coat and mittens on at a important event and not something fancier, maybe it was cold in January and he wanted to be comfy, how can anyone take the white privilege argument seriously

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 4 months

Apparently there's fools that believe this sh!t??? Unreal!

D 4 months

From Berkeley says it all.

Qanonsense 4 months

I'm pretty far left. But this is absolutely ridiculous. White people can't even wear mittens now? Give me a break. This critical race theory is getting out of hand. Focus on equality not on bludgeoning white people with cancel culture.

Seekster 4 months

Fire her and use the money to hire someone who isn't crazy.

ken taro
ken taro 4 months

this is why we cant have nice things. literally.

J.S. Dietrich
J.S. Dietrich 4 months

Despite what CRT teaches, Jews are not, and have never been, White.

joehud 4 months

Why is this considered news? Does the Post now consider anyone's dumb opinion and Twitter responses to be news? Report things that matter please.

Josh 4 months

Why is this news?

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