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Court grants accused Capitol rioter permission to travel to Mexico

Court grants accused Capitol rioter permission to travel to Mexico

A federal judge granted permission for a woman charged in the riot at the Capitol to take a work-related four-day trip to Mexico. The judge also noted that Jenny Cudd had no criminal history and said there was no evidence she was a flight risk or posed a danger to others. Cudd was seen in a Facebook video during the riot saying, ’We did break down’ House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s door.

Sidney 2 months

The judge should have given her an airline ticket to another country as a gift for her insurrection of the capital. Should have also given her bonus miles.

Delterra 2 months

Yeah the justice system totally gives minorities misdemeanor criminals vacations in mexico during a pandemic

O.T.Q.D 2 months

What a mucking joke

Matt 2 months

From my understanding all she is being charged with is misdemeanors anyway

Cameron 2 months

Dichotomous justice in full effect. Send her to prison, and make her work off her debt to society with hard labor. That little insurrection was expensive. I wouldn't want that were it not for this stunt. This is the definition of a terrible person.

Doug Star
Doug Star 2 months

color that KRA KRA Gone!

Canna 2 months

Totally expect to see from her again...

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