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Millionaire ordered to tear down his illegal $70M French chateau

Millionaire ordered to tear down his illegal $70M French chateau

British developer Patrick Diter has been ordered to demolish his $70M mansion in Provence, France, allegedly built without the permits. France’s appellate court decided recently that The Tuscan palace has to go, putting an end to a legal battle going on for over a decade. Diter allegedly had a building permit, a verbal one from the mayor’s office, and began building before an official permit.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

He’s a developer, he knows better, he should have gotten the permits. One the other hand...anyone else think the French authorities are enjoying being petty about this just a little too much?

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 months

Good. These elites think the rules don't apply to them and that they can pay their way out of anything. You're one of us now.

MIDESSA 2 months

I have owned and operated a construction company since '94 in US and sometimes we will skirt a restriction but never never break ground without all permits as these are needed to schedule inspection dates (approximately) . This is just an example of wealthy arrogance and nothing more.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

If you don't have the paperwork, it doesn't exist. Plus maybe he can afford the roughly 200,000 a year fine.

Pat 2 months


Nate 2 months

What did he think was gonna happen? That’s a sure fire way to lose money

Andrea 2 months

What a non-sense ruling. Why would you ever destroy something beautiful which is perfectly in line with the style of the area? If it were an eco-monster it would be a different thing, but that beautiful palace could just be confiscated and the property used in another way, like many other public buildings that are currently being rented by communes, provinces, or regions. To destroy everything is not only a loss, it’s also neither sustainable nor green. It’s a waste of energy and resources. Boo to this last-century-style ruling.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Ha. Government overreach at its finest.

Cameron 2 months

The law needs to apply to the rich as well. This is only a small start. Flagrantly violating the law, and common decency, to rub it in everyone's face creates most of the worlds problems.

Ashley Biden's Diary
Ashley Biden's Diary 2 months

We all d!e soon enough, materials do not come with us

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