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Chicago teachers reach tentative deal to reopen schools

Chicago teachers reach tentative deal to reopen schools

The Chicago Teachers Union has reached a tentative agreement with Mayor Lori Lightfoot to reopen the city’s schools for in-person classes as early as Thursday this week on a phased-in schedule and has promised to vaccinate 1,500 school staff each week. The deal, however, still relies on broader union approval, and it remains unclear when or if a vote will be held for its some 25,000 members.

Glen 3 weeks

Get rid of all state and government Unions, it's not like their working for a corporation. Yet they have more power than private unions. Everytime you turn around, their blackmailing the American people

michael 3 weeks

I hope that means hiring three times as many teachers and holding classes outside.

Conundrumb 3 weeks

Funny how fast Betelgeuse changed her mind about lock downs.

Julian 3 weeks

The entitlement and arrogance among these teachers just broke records

Auster Maeson
Auster Maeson 3 weeks

Different President, different rules.

david dindu
david dindu 3 weeks

And now they want to reopen

truth seeker
truth seeker 3 weeks

Hire new ones who want to work and who really is looking out for the kids

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