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DR Congo announces ’resurgence’ of Ebola in country’s east

DR Congo announces ’resurgence’ of Ebola in country’s east

Congo confirmed another Ebola outbreak in the country’s east Sunday, after a woman died from the virus in North Kivu province, just three months after authorities had declared the end of the country’s previous outbreak. The woman was married to a man who had contracted the virus in a previous outbreak. The virus can live in the semen of male survivors for more than three years.

Darin 2 months

No worries - Joe Biden will shut the virus down...

bobby_5150 2 months

Would 5 masks work for Ebola?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

When can this place finally go extinct. Stop giving money and doctors and let nature run it's course

Indo 2 months

The wonderment of that firmament will never cease. How did it ever become so !?

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