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Conviction of Trump is ’very unlikely,’ says Pat Toomey

Conviction of Trump is ’very unlikely,’ says Pat Toomey

Senator Pat Toomey has expressed doubts if former president Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial will end with a conviction. Toomey, who called on Trump to resign before he left office last month, added that the trial is ’clearly constitutional’ in part because the House charged Trump while he was president. He said he would ’objectively evaluate the very specific article of impeachment.’

Andrain 2 months

Clear majority wants a conviction. It's a damn good thing Justice doesn't work like that.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

Ok, Newsvoice is now clearly a publisher of opinion pieces. Headline says one thing, one article meets that headline, and the other 3 articles are totally different subjects. The picture doesn't even match the headline.

Tony 2 months

I hope Republican voters are watching what these Trump bashing Republican senators are doing and replace them next year. We need to stand strong against the Democratic Socialists!

Ian.. 2 months

The purpose of impechment, acording to the constitution, is to remove a sitting president who is unable to finish his term. Trump is no lonver president and thus has to term to finish. Its obvious they are only doing this because theyre scared he'll win in 2024

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

100% impossible. You need 17 senators to stab him in the back you'll get 5 maybe 6 at best. Just like the last 1 a huge waste of taxpayers money and time when they should be working for WE THE PEOPLE.

Brutus 2 months

F Toomey, good thing he isn’t running for re-election because I’d vote Democrat before voting for him

Toni 2 months


andreas 2 months

And I claim it isn't

wilhemena 2 months

Toomey is not a constitutional scholar and will be history in 2022

mike 2 months

No it isnt, Trump is a civilian, impeachment is for people in public office as is clearly defined in the constitution

Glen 2 months

This communist news network has no audience, when will they ever start reporting real facts. America deserves better.

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