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Majority of 508 Americans Surveyed say Trump should be convicted

Majority of 508 Americans Surveyed say Trump should be convicted

According to a Sunday ABC News/Ipsos poll, over half of Americans believe that former President Trump should be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial and never hold federal office again. Of the 508 surveyed from Feb 5-6, 56% agreed Trump should be convicted. 15% of Republicans surveyed said they supported Trump’s conviction. 92% of the Democrats favored convicting the former president.

kqlys 2 months

News channels have got to stop doing polls, this is ridiculous, 500 people do not represent a nation, 0,0001% of the population does NOT represent said population, no matter what those polls are about they're all just a bunch of unimportant numbers being fed to people who just don't know any better. The worst of it is they say the majority of the Americans, dude just say out of 500 surveyed don't freakin lie.. Stupid polls being stupid

ttocsick 2 months

Pseudo unconstitutional impeachments and rigged elections committed by our beloved establishment. What's disturbing is the people who continue to vote and empower it. A vote for Biden was a vote to assist the establishment for the continued perversion and trampling of the constitution and our rights. Complete system failure.

Jóhan 2 months

If so many don't want him to even run again, can they just not vote for him the next time? Seems a bit more democratic imo

michael 2 months

The question shouldn't be opinion. It should be determining whether any of Trump's language, policies or actions over the course of his presidency have been directed at supporting, grooming, or comforting any and all white supremacist domestic terror groups. The capitol riot incitement was just the merest tip of the ignorance and violence that trump has stoked. We start with claiming mexico was sending criminals, then to the vilifying of the press, then to pre-emptively stating if he lost he was going to claim a rigged election, then charlottesville, then we go to pipe bomb mailer, then in to the pizza gate murderer, a number of the mass shootings can absolutely be put under either right wing or white supremacists, and even though 93% of the BLM protests were peaceful, trump and the right wing media coverage encouraged people to leave their home states to assault those practicing their first amendment rights. And then the malicious idocy of how trump misinformed the public on basic covid response. To turn not wearing protection into a virtue signal. To weaponize the virus itself, to deny it's existence. This is a violence against rational thought itself.

Mike 2 months

A poll of over 90% left leaning individuals showed they don't like Trump. I am blown away!

Trevelyn 2 months

Bull st this is why I stoped watching So called Mainstream News Media .Non of them can tell the truth anymore . .The bold face lieing to the public will catch up to them .When they do they all will be out of a job . All I got to say is good riddance .

Scott 2 months

Democrats are just being vindictive and divisive. They want to use this trial to further demonize Republicans who know that (1) this impeachment is unconstitutional because Trump is no longer President and (2) neither his conduct nor his speech meets the LEGAL STANDARD for inciting to riot.

Heather 2 months

How is that over half of Americans. Lmao False information no matter what side you are on, the media continues to play their games.

germadelphia 2 months

508 people polled? Lmfao not really representative of America!!

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 2 months

Biden only got 50 Million legitimate votes and half of those would not have done it had their slave masters allowed them any real news over the last year. Anyone that voluntarily voted for Biden really really loves big evil oppressive government and probably has many mental health issues.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

TDS runs deep. Keep crying 100% will NOT get 17 Republicans to end their career 5 maybe 6 but those Rino's are already known traitors.

Randy 2 months

508 out of over 300,000,000 isn’t nearly enough of a sample size to be able to honestly claim the majority are for this. Since when does 0.015% of the population constitute a majority?

LB 2 months

Recalling the predictions (via polls) and the outcomes of the past two presidential elections, why would ANYone value, or even consider, the result of any political polls ever again?

Eileeñ 2 months

They should convict anyone that try to help him over throw the goverment , the fact that republicans are more angry at the process rather than the actions of Trump is outrageous the nerve of them now concern about unity where were they when trump used his rhetoric to decide the country that they have no problem but now they have a problem that Democrats control the goverment it should be noted anyone getting on the way punish a former president so this doesn't happen again we know that Republicans are not law and order people. They toxic and they stick to people that are willing to break the law they should be kicked out in my opinion loyalty is to the people not party or republicans

Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦
Andrew Ainslie 🇨🇦 2 months

germandelphia Maybe you should take a few minutes to understand the science of Statistics.😅🇨🇦

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 2 months

15% of Republicans? Bs, I don't know ONE republican that has tiesnd their back on trump. These clöwñs polled Romney and Cheney

Amy 2 months

What bothers me is that the poll skipped whether or not he should be tried, moving straight to convicted and never hold a political office again. OUR COUNTRY is founded on innocent until PROVEN guilty. This pole is nothing more than a lynch mob of 92% dems. Newsweek leading sheep once again.

Marshall 2 months

and yet again, tell me what states you sirveyed, you sure as hell havent came to my state and surveyed me or my family from many other states🤣🤣🤣

Matt 2 months

"Of the 508 Americans surveyed ..." this number needs to be way, way, way higher before it is statistically significant. This whole thing is meaningless. It's frustrating. The math is not with you, Newsweek. Holy mother of Zeus. Someone actually got paid to write pointless words wrapped around a point based on a sample so small, it's conclusion could never be used in a meaningful way. Stay in school, don't be a journalist.

Randy 2 months

These folks should be real careful what they wish for. Conviction today for citizen Trump will be conviction tomorrow for ... Any Democrats, ever. And if you think Trump is the best person to be Trump, think again. With him out of the way, someone with some actual skill will step in to that role.

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