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ABC video shows Roger Stone flanked by Oath Keepers on morning of Jan. 6

ABC video shows Roger Stone flanked by Oath Keepers on morning of Jan. 6

ABC News released new video footage Friday that shows Roger Stone with members of the militia group the Oath Keepers on the morning of the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. In the video, Stone is seen snapping pics and mingling with supporters outside of the Willard InterContinental hotel. Reacting to the video, Stone said, ’I had no advance knowledge of the riot at the Capitol.’

ConcealCarryProtect 2 months

Roger Stone flanked by *Veterans. Interesting how the media hates veterans now.

James 2 months

So? This is akin to sharing a video of Roger Stone at an Audi dealership and making the inference he hates all American made cars.

MIDESSA 2 months

Is anyone in the least bit surprised? Stones a nasty despicable individual hanging out with blossoming traitors. Just another day in the life of a trumpeter.

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 months

And? Democrats have been photographed mingling with many people that turned out to be violent/ perverted/ sadistic/ anti-American/ anti-semitic/ predatory homosexuals/ etc.

Mozgus 2 months

Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Names which claim to stand for something good and the media adores them despite bringing terror and destruction everywhere they go. Oath Keepers. A name which claims to stand for something good yet the media hates them. They apparently possibly contributed to breaking some windows and maybe tracked in some mud, and farted in some desk chairs. Prior to this they were such dastardly evil doers that literally no one had ever heard of them prior to Jan 6th.

Rocky 2 months

Glad the vets are on the side of the people. Although I'm not surprised. I'm more surprised at the sheep that fall for the narrative that big government has your back and Oath Keeping citizens don't. If you believe that lie I'm not sure you have baseline brain functions.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

Systematic....we known you hate cops and the military but now you are calling them terrorists. The Oathkeepers are former military, police and first responders. Exactly who are you to call those who served us all 'terrorists'? What good have you done for your country? Have you served anyone other than yourself? Or are you just a reactionary buffoon that attacks anything on the right like a liberal Pavlov's dog?

Brandon 2 months


michael 2 months

Y'know, funny thing is I actually believe that price of crap.

Mike 2 months

Obama had blm at the white house

wilhemena 2 months

so what?

Seekster 2 months

So what?

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 months

Still safer than the CHAZ

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 months

Not shocked a terrorists group would work be trying to protect one of their own

Chris 2 months

Who cares?

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 2 months

And? Another subtle manipulation?

The Oracle8191
The Oracle8191 2 months

I wouldn't mind if they had my back, either.

Randall 2 months

A supporter asked Stone, "So, hopefully we have this today, right?" "We shall see," Stone replied.

BaFbF 2 months

Lol...and? It means nothing.

Arend 2 months

Two sources with exactly the same title.

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