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New Covid-19 variants may infect recovered patients again, experts say

New Covid-19 variants may infect recovered patients again, experts say

Experts have expressed concerns over growing evidence that being infected with the novel coronavirus may not give immunity against getting infected again with some of the new strains of the virus. Although scientists still think reinfections are rare, a vaccine study in South Africa found new infections with a variant in 2% of people who previously had an infection with an older variant of Covid.

Nunya 3 months

Gotta keep that fear mongering going no matter the cost. Be afraid, be very afraid. Only more government can save you. All your privileges are a danger to humanity and must summarily revoked to save humankind. Place your trust in the government, it's never let you down before

Glen 3 months

Another words, shots are ineffective and mask accomplish nothing. Very few people are dieing, the flu and pneumonia have seemed to disappear. Businesses are being destroyed, science has failed us at every turn. Our children are failing in our schools. Sounds like we are accepting Communism now.

Darknimbus3 3 months

“Experts”. What “experts”? If this is so that also means that the COVID vaccines won’t work against the new variants either. 🙄

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 3 months

Given how vaccines work, basically giving you a weakened version of the virus to fight it off and get immunity for free, this is a taciturn admission that the vaccine won’t stop new strains.

Jay 3 months

I'm tired of hearing what "experts" say. They got more things wrong, and caused more problems during Covid than they got right! Time to use common sense, and go on our own from here! Get the vaccine if you want to! Trust your own body's antibodies if you prefer, but let's stop trying to deal this fear out any longer! Or second thought, keep it up, and the experts will never get a second chance because thinkers will never be as willing to trust them as they were.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 3 months

who fùcking knew you could be infected with a different strain, there certainly isnt already established science about different strains being able to infect someone who had he original, no of course not, all our past flu vaccines always covered allll the strains.

Randall 3 months

The more people that get infected, the greater the chance of viral mutation. Herd immunity will not work with this one.

S 3 months

Wuhan virus, climate change, Trump, global warming, Swine flu, Avian bird flu, SARS, hole in the ozone layer, killer bees... what else were we supposed to be afraid of that was gonna kill us all? And what's next?

Alex 3 months

Gotta love these "experts say" news articles...🙄

Tetelestai 3 months

this was designed to become the never ending pandemic. so, no matter how many vaccines come out, the next variety will not be stopped. perpetual lock downs and the destruction of people's lives until the "great reset" that the world economic forum is calling for is completed.

Mandraquex3000 3 months

And we are in perpetual lockdown... but its just two weeks to slow the spread, remember that?

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