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US sends message to Russia, deploys B-1 bombers in Norway

US sends message to Russia, deploys B-1 bombers in Norway

The US is deploying B-1 bombers to Norway for the first time. This is seen as a message to Russia that the US military will operate in the strategic Arctic region and demonstrate that it will defend allies in the area against any Russian aggression. Russian bombers often patrol the area. The USAF plans to start missions in the Arctic Circle and in international airspace near Russia in three weeks.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

Matter of a few months before a war or conflict since the swamp and military industrial complex is back in the white house.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 2 weeks

I honestly can't believe people want and justify this. This is insane. People need to boycott and revolt before we go into a completely unnecessary war.

GB Oz 2 weeks

I fear Russia and China will co-ordinate something that's meant to stretch and test the US and Allies which could quite well involve Taiwan.

Tiggs 2 weeks

Good! About time Russia is sent a message, they have been interfering in With western democracy for far too long now and have gotten away with it under the last administration, not anymore.

ken taro
ken taro 2 weeks

yall act like this is some unprecedented move of force with the aim of waging war with russia. it's a show of strength to defend our allies in territories that we benefit from. shall we just let russia continue militarizing the arctic unimpeded and ignored, creeping closer and closer to allies that are essentially defenseless miitarily, claiming all the resources along the way? is there some sort of apologetics for russia that i missed? in case you need a visualizer

joanel 2 weeks

Heck yea send those ruskies a message unlike bunker boy.

Billy 2 weeks

Why? After all these years why do we need to send them a message? If they don't know where we stand by now than they never will. Posturing like this can go horribly wrong.

Sherri 2 weeks

Panty ruffled trumpets would much rather have Putin's potus at the helm so that we can stay in Russian pockets while they tap into our government systems and pilfer our secrets and get away with it. So busy screaming China like their disgraced dear leader that they seem to forget there are enemies of democracy in many corners of the world. How much money did trump throw at weapons and how many times did he help Russia f over allies? So many derptards on this site. Should change the name from Newsmax to get your fill of stupid here

Randall 2 weeks

I guess it's lucky that Navalny is not in power. Otherwise, the return message would likely be "let's get it on."

Ron 2 weeks

As usual, it doesn't take Democrats very long.

Buckner Abernathy the 5th
Buckner Abernathy the 5th 2 weeks

Here we go again...

Julian 2 weeks

Let’s send the warmongers to war

Matt 2 weeks

I keep forgetting we have a normal President now. So is Russia going to be this one's war? I thought we were lining up against Iran pretty solidly. I guess war with Iran could provoke Russia. If we play our cards right, we could get WW3 and be able to shuffle that ace up our sleeve right into the deck while everyone is fighting, solidifying a solid lead in the world economy.

Robert 2 weeks

What Russia Aggression ?

gotdatyak 2 weeks

Oh no

R. 2 weeks

They're just writing the next CoD bros.

Shawn 2 weeks

War hungry leftists.. go figure

Jose 2 weeks

First, under Trump, we go after, under Biden, we go after Russia...ugh what else is new smh

wilhemena 2 weeks

Hey, don't worry, Lunchbucket Joe is in charge!

John W
John W 2 weeks

We have video of this.

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