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Hacker tries to poison water supply in Florida city

Hacker tries to poison water supply in Florida city

An unknown hacker remotely gained access to a computer system that runs the water-treatment plant of Oldsmar, Florida and briefly increased the amount of sodium hydroxide (lye) from 100 parts per million to 11,100 parts per million, authorities said. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said the hack was detected immediately and reversed, adding that no one in Oldsmar was ever in danger.

James 2 weeks

Everything in our infrastructure that is controlled and monitored by computer is subject to hacker attack. This is only one example. Electrical power grids, natural gas pressure delivery, city traffic lights, airlines and air traffic control - the list goes on and on. Because in our quest to 'advance', we are now more and more vulnerable to this type of terrorism.

Mat McKenzie
Mat McKenzie 2 weeks

After working in the water treatment industry in SCADA, I can tell you right now this would be sooooo easy in most parts of the world. Especially with mandatory floride.

Reiwa2020 2 weeks

wth is wrong with some people. i hope the fbi tracks the guy down and arrest him for attempted murder

Trevelyn 2 weeks

This is why the critical infrastructure does not need to be on line .It needs to be on a closed system .Everything in the world does not need to be accessable from every corner of the world .Anyone with any common sense knows . . Fire walls and passwords are a Joke .

Montgomery 2 weeks

If he has ties to proudboys then we need extra strict fascist laws to stop this terrorism from ever possibly happening again ... along with other stuff that will fit into the bill If he has ties to blm or antifa then it was a peaceful protests In the end, average Americans lose again

Ashley Biden's Diary
Ashley Biden's Diary 2 weeks

A lot of scams going on all at once. GreatReset shenanigans, more reason for nanny state rollout

Tiggs 2 weeks

A question. If the molotovs that were found had been used and hostages had managed to be taken by the people with cable-ties, would that then pass as being terrorism to you? Is it the fact that they did not succeed in those acts that you are bunching everybody that was there that day into the same bunch and labelling them all "protestors"... 🤔 Just for me being prepared to commit an act like that makes them terrorists and sepeeates them from the rest of the people who were there protesting.

George 2 weeks

Uh, have FBI cyber forensic agents been able to locate the origin of the hacker? Honestly, I cannot think of a more high priority task for law enforcement right now. Involve Interpol if the hacker is overseas. This is a life-threatening critical threat. If hackers have proven successful in doing this once, what makes anyone think that they will stop now?

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

Florida man learned to code.

PappaOwl 2 weeks

Well thats another old nightmare scenario predicated years ago that finally happened

Tiggs 2 weeks

Big Issues of the Didgital Age, hacking and misinformation.

Brutus 2 weeks

How stupid

Indo 2 weeks

One really flew over the cuckoo's nest. Didn't it.

Paul N
Paul N 2 weeks

The capital hill riot was a demonstration. This is real terrorism. While Antifa and bread and circus distract everyone.

jennifer 2 weeks

It's just Florida. Meh, who cares.... JUST KIDDING PPL!!

Jon 2 weeks

And I'll bet that the hacker believed he was doing good by killing people who deserved to die. We hear a lot about that these days...

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 weeks

In the manufacturing industry, we never connect our machinery controls to the internet. Because they can be hacked and held for ransom. Nobody wants their $2 million machine's control parameters held hostage and production halted. If the private sector realizes this, why is our government so clueless?

Leiviosa 2 weeks

Somebody’s tried to poison the waterhole!

Hollowhammer 2 weeks

Jokes on them because I don't drink water.

Jey Em
Jey Em 2 weeks

Florida man with na Twitter no Fackbook no YouTube is attacking greatest demokracy on Earth again 🤣

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