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Refusal to wear tie results in Maori MP to be ejected from NZ parliament

Refusal to wear tie results in Maori MP to be ejected from NZ parliament

Not wearing a tie resulted in a leader of the Maori Party to be ejected from the New Zealand parliament. Rawiri Waititi was prevented from asking any questions twice by Trevor Mallard, the speaker. This is because questions can only be asked by male MPs in the debating chamber if they are wearing a tie. The tie was called a ’colonial noose’ by the MP as he wore a greenstone pendant instead.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

I am flabbergasted that this happened in New Zealand. A very progressive country, lots of native representation, full facial tattoos, and some slick terd is gonna pick a fight over a tie.

Matt 2 months

It's a silly rule, but it is a rule. He got what he should have expected. Once upon a time his people had the land. Now they don't. Maybe try to exist and make changes in the system, up to the point where you'll lose your voice, then stand there. Or was the stunt the point, to bring it to light? Hope this turns out well, or good luck staying there.

Ryan B
Ryan B 2 months

Considering how culturaly sensitive NZ is I am Surprised this is an issue.

Aaron 2 months

Wholly &hit! I have done something wrong in life , not to be able too pull of those BA tattoo! It's a time to rethink my sales imagine. Not too be pompous to others wholes culture surround that, it cool ! But I don't wear sourcrout.

Drangus the Hammer
Drangus the Hammer 2 months

Just say you identify as a woman.

Nobody! 2 months

1st world problem!

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