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US attorney handling Hunter Biden probe asked to stay on despite shakeup

US attorney handling Hunter Biden probe asked to stay on despite shakeup

The Biden admin is expected to ask US attorneys appointed by President Trump to resign from their posts. However, according to sources, the prosecutor overseeing the tax probe into Hunter Biden will remain in place. John Durham, who was named special counsel to investigate the origins of the FBI probe into the 2016 election, will resign from his position, but will stay on as special counsel.

Tom A
Tom A
Montgomery 2 months

How did they investigate the 2016 election for 4 years and not get a conclusion? It's easy, biden and obama use fbi in a personal vendetta. FBI are not a private task force and hence it's illegal. Impeach biden, and as it's a thing now impeach obama

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

So the one investigating Hunter's taxes may asked to stay on🤔. Sounds like they do''t was to piss him off to where he would disclose some of his large sums money dealings with the Ukraine that Joe says did''t happen.

Aaron 2 months

No wonder we are seeing an increase in violence, when the nonviolent legal system fails to do it's job in the court rooms, some people take to the streets. The funny thing is the legal system seem very picky of who it works on.

Jon 2 months

Good there needs to be, this was a huge failure of security because police coddle right wing terrorists. Imagine if a terrorist cell imbedded themself in this crowd of rioters and got inside the Capital. Thank God the pipe bombs never went off no one talks about that, especially not right wing media.

Not You
Not You 2 months

Got to love Joe. Not afraid of a investigation. Does not need to fire someone investigating even if they are orange man appointed. There is nothing here but a troubled guy cheating on his taxes.

Jon 2 months

Note that the only two Trump appointees not to be asked for their resignations are the two whose dismissal would cast doubt on the DOJs ability to pursue unbiased justice. The conversation went "I want them ALL fired! Well, if we fire the ones investigating us it might look bad. ...fine. Fire all of them not directly investigating us, and fire the rest when they finish. All right, we can do that. Good, go have Biden sign it."

Sherri 2 months

World to the right: Were laughing at you. It was trumps playbook to fire anyone who dared correct his lunacy. Biden shows integrity and still you cvcks are frothing at the mouth with your conspiracy nonsense. Time to stop drinking the fool-aid

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