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Majority favor Trump’s conviction as impeachment trial begins

Majority favor Trump’s conviction as impeachment trial begins

A poll conducted by CBS News has found that a majority of respondents would like the Senate to vote to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. 56 percent of respondents said Mr. Trump encouraged violence which broke out at the US Capitol. However, those who oppose the trial are mostly Republicans, and they described the trial as ’unnecessary’ and a ’distraction.’

Tom A
Tom A
Tetelestai 2 months

the majority of who? any 7th grader who was actually taught in school can tell you that there is no constitutional basis for this.

Glen 2 months

So now we take polls to see if someone is quilty or not. In this case people found Trump guilty before he is tried. Am I seeing this wrong? Or have the laws changed in our country.

Foy 2 months

Kangaroo court.

O.T.Q.D 2 months

Not how justice, due process, and our entire court system works...but thanks for the update

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