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Senate says Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional

Senate says Trump’s impeachment trial is constitutional

The Senate has voted to move ahead with the impeachment trial of former President Trump after listening to arguments from both sides. The vote was 56-44. A total of six GOP senators voted with Democrats. Sen. Bill Cassidy was the only GOP senator to change his vote on the constitutionality of the impeachment. Cassidy said he heard a ’very good opening’ by the House impeachment managers.

Jim Boi
Jim Boi 2 months

For the people wondering why there is an impeachment. It’s because if you get a full true impeachment you can’t hold public office. Trump got the most votes of any Republicans president with the entire establishment and corporate media and big tech after him. If he ran again there is a very good chance he would win especially with all the newly laid-off pipeline worker, coal miners, and oil drillers workers.

Jon 2 months

They claim Trump incites violence and unrest’s in his followers, in fact, it is the media and political leaders that refuse to listen for the voices of the American people. They make false accusations of their own including running sound bites not reporting ethical facts. They also tell followers that their questions during an election is pathetic and then make up claims that these cases were heard fully, knowing rhey never were. Americans who went to the Capital were there in support of those willing to stand up and ask the questions, then the Capitol was breeched which gave them another excuse to sweep our voices under the carpet. They now make claims of half of Americans wanting the president impeached and legally charged? Does anyone really believe this to be true? The point is, we hear all this talk of unity and they seem to be the ones going out of their ways to incite violence from 75 million Americans as they call all of them traitors and terrorists stating they need to round us all up like dogs and hold us accountable. So who can really stand here saying Trump is the cause of unrest when all they have done so far is silence us and treat us like we are a threat and the enemy.

Xavier 2 months

Oop, here come his triggered snowflake fan base that despite him being the worst and most divisive president we ever had, gotta defend their old, wrinkly, orange daddy 🥵

Taurus 2 months

So now the Senate decides what is constitutional for the Senate to do? What stops the Senate from deciding that they have the power to do anything they want. Separation of powers was a joke for a while now, but this is a new low. This ‘constitutional trial’ is not even chaired by the Chief Justice. Somebody should start making toilet paper with the US constitution printed on it.

Max 2 months

Funny thing is... if Democrats impeach him, they win cuz trump can’t run again, if they don’t impeach him... trump can start the Patriot party, dividing the Republicans, letting the Democrats win. Win-Win.

Jack K
Jack K 2 months

Lol it’s not constitutional the democrats have such a huge case of Trump Derangement Syndrome that they don’t care and the fair weather republicans will bend the knee and do whatever the totalitarian democrats want.

John 2 months

Gonna be fun when actual Republicans get into power, replacing the rinos we currently have and do the exact same things back to the democrats.

flinx101 2 months

Dunno, somehow I would have thought that decision should be left to the Supreme Court. Kinda their job, you know.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 months

Every Republican that voted yes should have this marked on their record for the next mid terms. But knowing what we know now after November results, the people don't have a say.

Benjamin 2 months

Good on Bill Cassidy for following his conscience and making the right decision.

Clyde 2 months

No brainer on it being constitutional, just hoping they pick up more votes and convict!!

Jack 2 months

One day we will have a consensus based upon direct public response through blockchain technology. No need to have easily swayed elites making these decisions . The public is obviously swaying as well, without the intrinsic benefits of office and capital career gains.

Rick 2 months

Cue the angry trump supporters in the comments. Hey man I thought this impeachment would fail right there and then but I’m surprised republicans senators would vote for impeachment

Jon 2 months

Oh boy that did not go well for Trump's lawyers today lol. Even Bill Castor complimented Raskin 🤣😭

TyoMad 2 months

Senate does not have that authority. That belongs to the Supreme Court. They already decided that this "impeachment" is NOT constitutional. It is why the Chief Justice is not presiding over it. All a sham that has not constitutional weight behind it.

Sigfried 2 months

Today, I saw MSNBC doing a deep dive into the individuals arrested for their actions at the Capitol and I was see MSNBC doing journalism instead of a guy standing 100 yards from a building on fire and calling it "a fiery, but mostly peaceful protest". Funny how the journalism turns on ONLY when it benefits one side. This is why I'm skeptical of everything and get labeled as "the despicable other" by both sides.because thinking for yourself is NOT ALLOWED!

Dale 2 months

So many experts, so few solutions. We seem to follow politics like we follow football, basketball or baseball. We don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors in politics, especially considering the influence of massive multinational corporation‘s, lobbyist and manipulation in the legal system. I don’t work for the fellow that wrote the book I’m about to recommend, but it’s been an eye-opener about the corporate takeover of our political system. There’s little question that Trump has mastered defeating the courts and never been convicted of anything. I’m reading the book titled unequal protection: how corporations became people and how you can fight back. It was written by Thom Hartmman. I consider it the best source I’ve ever seen of how politics is currently being run by multinational corporation’s, and how they modified the constitution to achieve it. This was done without a vote, purely in the courts based on altering the text of the 14th amendment. In many ways it first began with the railroad barons but continues to this day. It seems to be based on altering the text of the constitution from talking about a natural person, and instead just referring to a persons, and leaving the word natural out. A human being is a natural person, a corporation is an artificial creation not a living being. Anyways just a thought I hope we all get better clarity about who is really running our country and quit talking about politics like we talk about sports, where we all have our favorite teams and rallies have become tailgate parties.

bobby_5150 2 months

I don't think that the Senate gets to decide if something is constitutional or not. That's the job of the SCOTUS.

Robert 2 months

He will walk and most likely cause Mayhem or Armageddon in the name of Trump!, I cannot imagine a more narcissistic, crackpot, divisive figuire to be in charge. They won't impeach incase he starts his own party, Bye Bye America. Democracy is over. Here comes The Pain

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

The same 6 Rino's still need to find 11 more sell outs. NEVER going to be convicted keep wasting time and tax payers money instead of killing jobs why not get something done for WE THE PEOPLE.

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