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Trump, Republicans unimpressed by impeachment lawyers

Trump, Republicans unimpressed by impeachment lawyers

According to Fox News, former President Trump was ’furious’ over his defense team’s showing on the first day of his second impeachment trial. Trump was particularly annoyed with the effort of his attorney Bruce Castor. ’The American people just spoke and they just changed administrations,’ Castor said at one point. Several GOP senators said they didn’t understand Castor’s arguments.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 months

Gotta say the armed troops and fence around the Capitol building is a very bad look for the Dems. Really makes it seem like they feel guilty about something. What could it be...?

Viviko 2 months

Isn’t it obvious. Trump has done what most politicians wish they could. Like him or hate him. He was able to build a cult following.

michael 2 months

It literally doesn't matter how poorly the defense performs. The minority political party is going to ignore the the will of the majority of the population.

Tea&Coffee 2 months

This article is obviously biased. When you look at the different link options to the SAME story each title is so different. If anyone is paying attention that should make them question something not right.

jay 2 months

Just another hilarious example of Trump's crippling inability to hire competent, professional people. At some point we all have to acknowledge the fact that the people he hires are a reflection of the man himself.

Aleks 2 months

Yeah be proud to be in a cult now. Those do not end well...

Stacy 2 months

Almost like they're trying to screw it up or a not trumps problem kinda defense?

Aaron 2 months

Bad lawyers.

Alex 2 months

Good. They weren’t going to get paid anyway.

Shane 2 months

Why waste money on good attorneys when he knows the Republicans are terrified of his base and will acquit anyway?

Patti 2 months


Brandon 2 months

Trump should be pissed, Bruce Castor is a joke. Shouldn't be allowed on the defense team for a single second longer after his terrible showing yesterday.

Joseph 2 months

Trump's lawyer is a crack pot

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 2 months

How did your spell fake news?

Glen 2 months

Demacrats do fear Trump and his 75 million followers.

Aaron 2 months

Appalling trend of bad lawyers .

KB 2 months

Reading some of these comments, it's great to see that ignorance and conspiracy theories are still alive and well today.

Jared 2 months

Trump gets furious when someone coughs in his general direction. He’s always furious. At what point was he ever going to be happy with his defense team? They have very little to go, it’s a “stacked jury”. Trump is so volatile, is it any wonder he had to hire a new defense team 3 days before the trial? Also, if they don’t follow his narrative he considers them “never-Trumper’s”. His claims of a stolen election, a landslide victory (in his favor) and a vast deep state conspiracy, etc” are truly laughable. I don’t think the man is defensible in any way.

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