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NBA insists teams play national anthem after Mavericks stop doing so

NBA insists teams play national anthem after Mavericks stop doing so

The NBA said the league’s 30 franchises must play the national anthem after the Dallas Mavericks stopped playing it before home games. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had told the team to stop playing it. Later, Cuban said Mavericks will resume playing it in the future games. He said he respected the anthem, but the team also ’hear the voices of those who don’t feel the anthem represents them.’

Tiffany 2 weeks

Cuban forgot that it was opportunities given to him by this great nation by which he gained that ivory tower he dwells in.

Leonard 2 weeks

Things liberals have ruined: They've ruined Youth Sports, the News Media, Football, our National Anthem, Universities, nearly all Holidays, the traditional family, California, elections in general, Scouting, and Controlled Immigration. They've ruined schools, social media, masculinity, and Hollywood. They've ruined 'winning', Judges and Courts, Christmas, big cities, and Police. Add to this list of things liberals have ruined: progress made in race relations, dining out in restaurants, women's soccer, health insurance, the Oscars, parades, and marriage. History, prayer, the concept of 'gender', Emergency Rooms flooded with no-pay illegals and hunting and trapping as well as Peaceful Protests, and Energy Independence. They have ruined the Constitutional significance of Impeachment. I could go on and on. But, let's let our liberal nutjob friends list all the things Republicans have ruined. I can't think of a single one to start with. Waiting... waiting...

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

The people that are buying the tickets and viewing the commercials are the only ones interested in watching sports. Any decision by the NBA leadership to appeal to a different segment of society is pointless. The people that support the sports teams probably really want to have the national anthem. Mark Cuban telling people to complain to their bosses about not doing the national anthem before the work day is like an arrogant restaurant owner telling off his customers.

Lord Flashheart
Lord Flashheart 2 weeks

National anthem is singing how great your nation is, a battle cry and about standing together in Unity. No anthem No Unity. So how does Joe bring people together if they can't come together to sing an anthem?

Leonard 2 weeks

There is a way to stop this kind of nonsense. Don't watch and don't go. We the people (you and I) have incredible power we hardly realize we have. It's simple. We can change these things. Just don't watch and don't go. He'll be singing the national anthem himself before the game, and probably after the game to. Wanna bet?

WWIII 2 weeks

Then boycott the team from playing at all, pos anyway

Foshizzle 2 weeks

If the anthem doesn't represent you then don't, attend or play. You are in the USA and free to leave at any time. There are international airports all over the place that'll take you to wherever else you wish.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 weeks

These disgusting anti AMERICANS need to be deported anywhere. GTFO if you don't love this country. Enough is ENOUGH.

Martin 2 weeks

Americans and their national anthem. Your not free or brave, so just shu* up. A nation built on slavery and racism. If you don’t understand why people take a knee you’re pretty dense.

Rocket 2 weeks


Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 2 weeks

Anyone who presides within the US and doesn't feel the anthem represents them needs to GET GONE. You've no business being here.

Mark 2 weeks

I actually liked Cuban's decision. I don't care for kneeling, though emphasize with issues important to people. It always bothered me to see people engaged in various activities, like eating, talking, etc. during the anthem. More than once I asked those attending sporting events to show some respect... So remove it.... those of us who are patriotic and love our nation and its people will continue to be and do so. Im pretty sure of that.

ConcealCarryProtect 2 weeks

Mark "Will this make me money?" Cuban

XCA1NX 2 weeks

Such bravery

IvoryDove 2 weeks

Dear Mark. F. U.

Pete 2 weeks


Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 2 weeks

The anti-Patriotism of the left continues. Bet he would play China's anthem.

K. 2 weeks

America. What happened to the land of the free, home of the brave??

Ken Williams
Ken Williams 2 weeks

The NBA is ghetto.

Tyler 2 weeks

Half the people commenting don’t even like or watch basketball, so why are you complaining about what someone else does with their own team? I thought it was the, “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave?” Sounds like a brave man exercising his freedoms.

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