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First Amendment brought in focus due to Trump’s alleged incitement

First Amendment brought in focus due to Trump’s alleged incitement

The scope of former President Donald Trump’s free speech rights took on a central focus, as House impeachment managers on Wednesday sought to brand Mr. Trump as the ’inciter in chief.’ Seeking to preempt one of Trump’s core defenses, lead manager Rep. Jamie Raskin said the House team would demonstrate that Trump’s speech at issue fell beyond the First Amendment’s protections.

Matthew 2 months

What Trump said and how he acted does not even come close to incitement under existing case law. Current case law requires the speaker to advocate for imminent violence, the speaker must intend for imminent violence to occur and imminent violence must be likely to occur due to the speech. He never called for violence. In fact, he called for peace on 3 separate occasions. When violence broke out he called for it to stop and people to go home. Not sure how those fact fulfill that 3 prong test.

Robert_Clearwater 2 months

It is not illegal to speak in hyperbole and it is not illegal to lie. Anything to distract from the number of EO that Biden has signed into law.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 2 months

Keep messing with our constitutional rights and you will see what a real insurrection looks like. You saw a small glimpse when the National Gaurd all turned their backs to biden imagine if you really start stomping on our rights. At least 70% of the military will side with us and the flag and anthem.

D 2 months

It's getting hard to keep up with the demps constant changing of our constitution for their agenda.

Que Pasta
Que Pasta 2 months

1st Amendment doesn't exist for TDS'ers.

zJamz 2 months

Just remember, only dogs hear dog whistles.

Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce 2 months

The first amendment does Not cover lying (the whole reason anyone was there) or the five dead people, one a murdered capital cop...

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