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New video shows officer saving Mitt Romney from mob during Capitol riot

New video shows officer saving Mitt Romney from mob during Capitol riot

New security footage presented during former President Trump’s impeachment trial showed Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman potentially saving Sen. Mitt Romney from the violent mob. The video shows Goodman redirecting Romney from the rioters’ path before continuing to the first floor to respond to the breach and divert the mob from lawmakers.

IIzard 2 weeks

Where did Trump tell them to do this or ever support political violence? This is a show trial, straight out of the Soviet Union.

Mutatis 2 weeks

It is all theater and misdirection. The videos at the Capitol have almost zero bearing on the so called 'incitement' that is supposed to be what this trial is all about. Of course, the only meaningful notation made today about Trump's actual words, as in the relevant evidence to an incitement charge, was the impeachment managers admitted that he did say "peacefully and patriotically" during his speech, even as they attempted to imply that him saying it only once was a mitigating factor in some manner.

Gloria 2 weeks

Trump incited this attack on the Capitol. The evidence is powerful and overwhelming, He is the real enemy of the people's, because he uses other people's to carry out his horrible, disgusting and hateful act against ours country.

george 2 weeks

Rioters? They were let in the dark building!

ttocsick 2 weeks

Thank God, he saved the Delightful Peter

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 2 weeks

Video showing police ushering protesters IN towards the building. Go Go Go! They are told. Something fishy going down..

Bingo!! over target...
Bingo!! over target... 2 weeks

I heard actors speaking... Anyone else ? When they are looking for evidence inside ? Crispy red hats and exaggerated tones

wilhemena 2 weeks

biased headline... no one was stunned at this farce, as the horrors of BLM and antifa rioting has been shown to America... Congress got off light - this time

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