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Biden slaps sanctions against military leaders in Myanmar coup

Biden slaps sanctions against military leaders in Myanmar coup

US President Joe Biden issued an order to impose sanctions on the Myanmar military leaders who toppled the elected civilian government in a coup, on February 1. The sanctions will target the military leaders, their family members and their businesses. The Biden administration is also moving towards blocking the Myanmar military’s access the $1 billion of the country’s funds held in the US.

Hannibal 4 months

Great! Now do China, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. Oh wait, can't pay back those campaign donors that way.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 4 months

America be like: how dare you plotting a coup and overthrowing a government. That is our job! Only we have the right to such a thing! Let's impose some sanctions on you, that'll teach you.

lashed 4 months

Shitting his pants it's gonna happen to him...

Montgomery 4 months

Wont be surprised if hunter is given a seat on a board and this all just goes away

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